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It's been an incredible roller coaster of a year and believe it or not, 2021 is just around the corner! While some things stick around, decor trends are just one of the subjects that tend to ebb and flow with the changes all around us. Check out some of these things to keep an eye out for, you might want to incorporate them into your own home if something catches your attention the next time your're doing some window shopping.


Some pieces are undeniably timeless, whether it be a classic fashion statement or something that conjures up fond memories of the past. Bringing back and reworking that wooden chaise or printed rug is a great way to add a hint of uniqueness to any space, since it's most likely the case that no one else will be able to find it! Weaving in older pieces with contemporary features is also a strategy for creating a hint of contrast.


We're all about incorporating nature into our lives nowadays, and just another one of those ways to do that is by surrounding yourself with those shapes! Think curved sofas, egg-shaped coffee tables, circular rugs, which all contribute a little bit to making any room softer and more inviting. Rounded corners and ergonomic furniture is all the rage, equally good for keeping the small ones safe and providing maximum comfort!


While it's hard to forget about the colour statement of the year, it can sometimes be difficult to integrate into an everyday color scheme. No matter your preferred colour of choice, this upcoming year is all about aiming for the softer end of the colour spectrum, and keeping things cool and gentle. Instead of that striking royal blue, play around with a delicate periwinkle, and a rose pink instead of bright magenta. Don't let this subdue your creative flair, but bring together these colours to form an environment that's pleasing for the eyes and comforting for the mind.

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Staying at home might be driving all of us a little crazy right now, but there’s always a way to make things work! Apart from benefitting from home offices and more outdoor space, what are some recent home additions that people are looking for?


Online shopping can be quite addictive, and you might be finding that parcels are piling up at your front door or in the hallway. It may be better to keep food deliveries and anything coming in from the outside world separate from commonly used areas. The best option is to keep this storage area close to the entrance so that you can limit the spread of germs and also create some order as those packages build up!


Just like how it’s helpful to make a distinction between work and sleep areas, having separate work and play areas are also great if you struggle to unwind at the end of the day. Having one centralized area for relaxation is also a great way to bring the family together into a shared area and get in some quality time together. If you have children at home, creating these boundaries can also help solidify a routine for the youngsters.


Unless you’re limited to one bathroom at home, now more than ever it makes the most sense to separate guest and personal usage of these spaces. If it’s unavoidable to have certain people over, keep in mind that this works best if you and the rest of your household also opt for personal bathrooms instead of the designated ‘guest powder room.” 

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We're going to be spending plenty of time at home for the next couple of months, but that doesn't mean we have to be limited to the indoors! Whether you've got a private balcony or a spacious backyard, there are numerous ways to spruce up the space and make it your own little haven.


Usually plentiful throughout the home, mirrors seldom make an appearance outside, which is a shame because they bring plenty to the party. Try a wall to wall mirror on any side of the outdoor space and watch it do wonders when it comes to elongating and brightening the scene. If you prefer to go for something a little more discreet, there's a vast selection of framed mirrors or you could try your own hand at incorporating ivy and other hanging plants.


There's always something incredibly enchanting about a living plant wall, especially in the fall when the leaves create a gorgeous palette of colours. Perfect for a calming backdrop and environmentally friendly, this option is a go-to if you're searching for ways to bring nature into your living space. 


Light is a surprisingly useful tool with beautifully transformative effects. Depending on the layout and features present in your outdoor space, you can play around with stringed lights, create silhouettes, or draw attention to garden favourites. Tinker around with the angles of the beams as well as the warmth of the lights to create a personalized effect that is sure to catch the attention of your neighbourhood.

Even though we're going to be stuck at home for a while longer, don't let that stop your creativity and home goals!

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Although autumn is a beautiful season to enjoy the vast myriad of changing colours, it's also a reminder that everything is soon to appear just a little too lifeless. Don't fret though, because there are plenty of choices when it comes to decorating your home with houseplants that are both beautiful and simple to take care of.

For starters, you'll want to identify plants that can withstand infrequent watering (just in case you forget), uneven or poor access to light, and varying temperatures. Whether you're working out of a home office or trying to brighten up a small powder room, these are plants that are tough to kill even for the busiest and most forgetful of people.


Vines or hanging plants are generally grown from a pot that can either sit on its own or hang suspended from an elevated position of your choice. The plant will take care of itself with minimal care, although they can get a little busy crawling up surfaces should you pay them no attention at all. Keep in mind that these can also be placed outdoors, if you'd like to ad a hint of greenery to the balcony, patio, or parts of the exterior wall.


These plants are very popular with their ability to easily be repotted and reproduced, often after you find small plantlets on their long stems that generate a rather impressive display over time, all with no additional care! In particular, this specimen is a great choice as they aren't very picky about water, light or temperature.


When it comes to the variety in succulents, your choices are endless, which means you can pick and choose to your liking! Chances are, there are probably specimens out there you've never even witnessed before! Although they grow at a comparably slower pace, succulents are able to thrive even in neglected circumstances. Very popular today are glass terrariums that you can personally design to hold the succulents for an added aesthetic appeal.

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We might not notice it, but the time you spend in the bathroom often marks the start or end of significant periods in the day, whether that be getting a fresh start in the morning or winding down after bringing your A game. It might not be the centre of attention compared to other parts of your home, but there are plenty of ways to make it just as, if not more, tasteful as the rest of the house!


There are thousands of choices to pick from when it comes to tiling in the bathroom, whether you decide to use that for an entire expanse of wall, the flooring, or just as a decorative element. Apart from the various colours that are available, there are multiple options when it comes to layout, such as a basketweave look or floor-to-ceiling look.


This look gets away in just about any other room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, so why not bring it into the bathroom as well? Ranging in choices from mirror frames to door handles, faucets, there lies an amazing spectrum of options when it comes to spicing up particular sections of the bathroom. Be careful not to overdo it though!


Although things can start to get out of hand when you try to incorporate everything, having a good amount of contrast in materials can be very refreshing to the eye. A contemporary look is often met by striking a balance between the use of stone, glass, and even wood for different components of the bathroom. 


An ongoing trend continues to lean towards the minimalistic use of materials, feature pieces, and colours. Keep in mind that minimalism doesn’t have to contradict with variety, so let your creativity shine while still keeping in mind what the essentials truly are. Simple color schemes on the spectrum of black to white are consistently popular, as well as sleek cabinets that keep everything out of sight.

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The fall season has quickly crept up upon us, which means a mix of chillier weather, hot drinks, and warm sweaters! The transition between seasons is also the perfect time to change things up in your home, whether that be a dramatic switchup or some minor decorations scattered about. If you're looking for some inspiration when it comes to fall decor, look no further.


Just like the leaves sitting at their most colorful stages, this season is a great time to showcase the brighter hues that might've been stowed away for the rest of the year. As it starts to get darker and gloomier outside, displaying that colorful rug right out front, or lighting up a common space with colorful ceramics will do plenty to brighten the atmosphere. 


This time of year is traditionally when a bountiful harvest is celebrated, so why not bring in some reminders of nature? Popular items you can easily pick up at your next door market include pumpkins and gourds of all colours and sizes, ornamental grasses, and gorgoeus chrysanthemums. There are endless opportunities to mix and match, with most also faring well outside on the porch or balcony.


When all is said and done, patterned pieces will always be popular go-tos that serve as statement pieces from the living room to the bedroom. In fact, modern rugs and hanging wall pieces are purposely given an older look to deliver an 'erased design.' For a more minimalistic look, opt for black, white or neutral colours that will balance out designs. Alternatively, go all out with extravagant colours and bold shapes.

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The kitchen is an undeniably important element of any home, and particularly so if you've got most of the family at home during these turbulent times. Trends will come and go as needs change, but here are some of the emerging trends that have been identified in this multifunctional part of your home!


Cleanliness and hygiene are high on everybody's priority list nowadays, which is why touchless appliances have increasingly become less about luxury, and more about sanitation and convenience. There are multiple options to explore throughout your everyday kitchen items, from motion-activated water taps to smart fridges and voice-activated apps for cooking. Especially if you've got a large household, or plan to have the occasional guests over, this can be a great way to bridge the demand for efficiency and cleanliness.


People fall all across the spectrum when it comes to organization habits in the kitchen, from completely open displays to cupboards and containers for every item possible. Open shelves are growing in popularity partly due to the effect it has on increasing the perception of space, and because it's a great way to display prized possessions and decorate if you find yourself spending more and more time in the kitchen.


If you're now cooking three meals a day for multiple members of the family, the kitchen sink is likely to overflow much faster than before. Double dishwashers are generating lots of interest when it comes to saving time, keeping sink and countertops clean, and helping keep different food remains such as meat and dairy dishes separate.

Consider what needs your household has and choose wisely!

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Finding a new home can be intimidating for everyone, but it can be increasingly so for homebuyers who are self employed. Common challenges come from proving that you have a steady income, especially when you don't have employment letters or pay stubs on hand. With some careful planning, it can be much easier to navigate an already stressful process and find yourself a new place without breaking too much of a sweat.


  • A few years of tax returns
  • Self prepared profit and loss statement
  • A business license
  • Audited financial statements
  • Signed documentation from a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) verifying your business
  • Employer's liability insurance
  • Signed documentation from clients including date and type of service provided 


A high credit score can demonstrate your ability to pay off debts and be responsible with money. Aim to already have or establish a consistent track record for prospective landlords and lenders. You can keep your credit in check by keeping credit card balances low, paying accounts in time, and avoiding applying for other credit lines while you're applying for a mortgage.


Keeping your accounts organized and separate helps lenders determine your business expenses and income more efficiently. Business expenses that are paid through a business account might not be held against you, since it's an asset for the business. On the flip side, be careful with deductions on business expenses, as this lowers your overall taxable income, which can hurt your chances when applying for a home loan.

Home buying is never easy, but keep these tips in mind when making your next significant life decision!

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Home transformations are a great way to personalize your home and really make it your own, but if you're thinking about moving around and potentially selling the place, be aware of some changes that might be appealing to you, but not worth the compromise for prospective buyers.


Espcially right now, making use of extra space can seem like the smart thing to do, particularly if you have a sizeable, open concept living room or a larger studio. Putting up walls can effectively turn one room into two, creating a permanent work station or playroom instead of constantly reorganizing for different needs. A permanent wall can easily decrease appeal by making rooms appear much smaller than they actually are, disrupting natural lighting, or creating a mismatched overall look.


A splash of your unique creativity may excel at capturing your guests' attention and keep them asking questions, but it can be risky to assume that those looking for a new place to settle will be equally enthralled by the stark colours and unusual styles that made your home your prized piece of art. Opt to stick to designs and tones that resonate with the general population instead of only a select few, or consider having your home repainted prior to listing and marketing the property. Neutral shades and stylish yet classic furnishings are always a safe bet, especially if the buyer isn't interested in doing a complete transformation for themselves.


Sometimes home projects happen on a whim, fueled by a spontaneous moment of inspiration. Other times, it's impractical to have the entire home renovated all in one go. In these circumstances, despite there being a lag in the overall timeline, it's important to ensure that one change doesn't differ drastically from the next. If you're redoing the flooring in one room before moving on to the next room months later, keep in mind that too many different types of floor coverings can present a disorganized look. The same thing can be said about surfaces, colours, and furnishings. At the end of the day, they should all complement one another!

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Planning to buy or sell a home in the near future? From an outside perspective, it may seem relatively simple and while there may be aspects of working alone that individuals find appealing, real estate professionals have years of experience under their belts as well as plenty to offer, from vast networks to tips that are tried and true. Why use the help of a realtor? Find out below:

If you're on the search for a new home, a licensed realtor has the expertise to provide detailed market analysis when analyzing the best choices to suit your needs. From having worked in the industry, they can explain to you the current and projected market conditions, which may help you optimize the time of your purchase or associated sale. Assuming that you screen carefully for a diligent realtor, they can focus on your specific needs, research and arrange for you to see prospective homes, and inquire about important details that might otherwise go unaddressed. Once you find the perfect place, they are there to represent you in the negotiation process, assist with home inspections and support you through the entire closing process until you take possession.

Alternatively, if you're looking to sell your home, a licensed realtor is the best person to turn to when working out comparables in the process of arriving at the best asking price. Especially given the importance of marketing, they will have trusted connections who can help showcase your home in the best possible manner, from drone photography to virtual staging and video tours. Their expansive network of colleagues and clients will quickly help get the word out and your listing would be shared with a massive number of potential buyers. Similarly, realtors will help you through the entire negotation process and work by your side to ensure a smoothing closing. 

Working with a realtor takes away from the burden of having to either be already proficient or willing to spend a large amount of time becoming familiar with the relevant terminology and paperwork. Pricing your home and closing a deal can be intimidating on your own, and effective marketing will usuallyy require a significant level of dedication. With plenty of work on everybody's plate, you might want to consider whether one of these options would be more beneficial to you in the long run.

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With more and more of us figuring out physical distancing requirements and starting to adjust to the new normal, we might be getting back to the to-do list that was temporarily stowed away. If you're in the market for a new home, chances are you still want to see the property in person, and that's where open houses come in! A majority of homes will still be inhabited by the sellers, so what does open house etiquette look like?


While it's not necessary to go all out with a professional suit, how you present yourself in this setting is just as important as any other event. You may gain admittance to the home if you're dressed in sweatpants and flip flops, but you risk not being taken as seriously if you're actually invested in buying. Beyond that, proper attire shows both the sellers and real estate professionals involved that you're respectful and mindful of their living and working space.


If you're already working with an agent, feel free to inform the agent holding the open house with something as simple as a business card. Realtors may forget to ask about this information in advance, but won't try to solicit you once this information is brought to attention. If you are without agent representation, open houses are a great way to find an agent since you get to witness them in live action and engage in face-to-face conversation. Feel free to ask for their contact information and set up a followup interview.


Although homes are much less intimidating than display cases under harsh light in a museum, try to keep your hands and curiosity stowed away, especially if you have children in tow. Ask the agent whether shoes are preferred on or off, and avoid opening closed doors, drawers, and cabinets, especially if the home has yet to be vacated. Treat the home as respectfully as you'd like others to treat it, including asking about whether pictures are allowed.

All the best and happy browsing!

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Chances are, the attic isn't the most popular room in your home, but that doesn't mean it needs to sit there gathering dust and cobwebs! Especially given the current work/study/play from home situation at the moment, a little bit of extra space can go miles, whether it be a quiet study nook or children's playroom that you're looking for. Updating your attic look also has the advantage of transforming your resale value! 


Are you constantly trying to find a blank wall to serve as the background for a video meeting? Is it impossible to get a few minutes of peace and quiet to find your focus? A little bit of remodeling and redecorating can transform your attic into a private space designated for work. If you've got students in the house, this can double as a cozy study spot free from distractions. 


Horror movies tend to do attics a little dirty, but they can be just as inviting as any other space in the home with a little love and care. With the entire family at home, it might be tedious to have to constantly transform communal spaces from playroom to home gym all the time. By providing an established space for playing, studying, and learning, children can benefit from having their own allotted spaces and even begin to take on certain responsibilities. 


If you have a large family or enjoy hosting, a studio apartment is a popular way to create a hospitable space for any guests while increasing privacy for all parties involved. For longer stays, including a bathroom and kitchenette is the smart way to go to ensure everything necessarry is covered. During quieter times of the year, you'll also have the option to rent out the suite for additional income. Definitely something to think about!

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No one likes to think about disasters. Severe weather, fire, theft—or even a seemingly small issue like a broken pipe—can wreak havoc on your home and result in thousands of dollars in damages. Fortunately, a good homeowners insurance policy can offer you peace of mind that you and your family will be financially protected if disaster strikes.


When choosing an insurance provider, ask around for recommendations. Check with neighbors, friends, and family members, particularly those who have filed an insurance claim in the past. Find out if they had a positive or negative experience. Read online reviews. Ask your real estate agent for a referral to a reputable insurance broker who can help you compare your options.

Don’t just choose the cheapest policy. Instead, search for one that offers excellent client service and provides the best coverage for the cost.


A deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying on a loss before your insurance company will pay a claim. Opting for a higher deductible can reduce your premiums.

Note that in some cases, your insurance policy may have a separate or higher deductible for certain kinds of claims, such as those caused by floods, windstorms, hail, or earthquakes. While a higher deductible can save you money on your premiums, opt for one that is still affordable given your current financial situation.


Combining your home, automobile, and other policies under one insurer can often result in a significant discount. And some insurers offer additional benefits, such as a single deductible if property insured by multiple policies is damaged. For instance, if a fire destroys your home and your car, you may only have to pay the higher of the two deductibles. Bundling can also make payment and renewal of your policies more convenient.

However, bundling isn't always the best or least expensive option. In some cases, you may find better coverage options, service, and/or pricing if you split your policies between multiple insurers. So be sure to consider all of your options before making a final decision.

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Have you recently put your property on the market or are thinking about selling your home in the near future? With buying and selling activity exceeding historical levels, how can you stand out with just a little bit of work? Check out advice from home stagers about undesirable features that could turn away prospective home buyers, and replace them with strategies that will increase the chances of selling your home.


Crowded rooms not only look less visually appealing, they can also give off the impression that cleanliness and hygiene are not prioritized. Be consistent throughout the home; just because one rooom looks magnificently put together, it will be altogether forgotten when your home buyers stumble upon the disorganization across the hall. Even with spaces that are less commonly accessed or out of sight, buyers may form their own judgments based off of first impressions and assume that what's present in one room extends to the rest.


No matter how beuatiful the rest of the home is, or how impeccably it's been staged, the smallest signs of damp stains, stained ceilings, or crumbling plaster work can easily turn a prospective buyer away. Apart from the fact that it's visually unappealing, this also signals potential problems down the line and a more expensive investment than what might have been envisioned.


Landscaping, yardwork, and garden maintenance can take up a lot of your attention, particularly if you have a sizeable property. Gardens surrounding the home itself form a significant part of first impressions, which can negatively downplay your chances of selling if the buyer is already turned off by knee-high weeds or the leaves stuck to their shirt. A well-kept exterior does an amazing job of signalling to buyers that the interior is just as likely to be equally well cared for.

If you're thinking of selling, the bottom line is to put yourself in a potential buyer's shoes, and think about what would put you most at ease and most willing to commit to a large investment.

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If you're getting the recommended 7+ hours of sleep every night, you're spending a significant amount of time in your bedroom. Add in our pandemic-affected reality, and you might be only leaving it for water or food breaks!

Despite the fact that your bedroom is often much more secluded compared to other rooms that guests will frequently occupy, there are certainly trends that aren't meant to stay, and some to keep an eye out for! 


With many of us adjusting to the new normal of working from home, bedrooms might not just serve as sleeping quarters anymore, which makes space and lighting enormously more important. Some people may have opted for a make-shift work station with the assumption that this is more temporary than not, but many are are starting to realize that built-in work spaces might make the best use of bedroom space that is otherwise unoccupied. if you'e going to be spending hours at a time holed up in these spaces, make sure it's properly lit and functional enough to be both productive and comfortable.


It's hard to sit at your desk for hours on end, especially with high levels of caution prompted by going to the gym or even a walk in the neighborhood. Try getting creative by opening up some space for a mini yoga corner, or some free weights you can easily access. Alternatively, set up a mini spa section where you can take a midday break to pamper yourself. Given that there aren't too many external choices right now, it's important to create a sanctuary for you to take care of yourself.


Although they may both end up collecting lots of dust, artificial plants are much easier to manage than their living, breathing counterparts. Counterintuitively, this may actually encourage plant owners to redirect their attention to live plants, especially since we now have fewer opportunities to access nature itself. Spending time at home with live, air-purifying plants can really benefit your mood, and watching them flourish in your care is a great way to pass any extra time you may have on your hands.


Sometimes, balconies can just end up as a visually appealing addition or extra storage space. More and more people are realizing the benefits of having your own outdoor space to use at your leisure. Sip your morning coffee admiring the early morning glow or spend an afternoon working in the warmth of the sun. Keep your eyes out, this feature might not be reserved for just the master bedroom in the future!

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There's just something about waking up to a clean and crisp bedroom design, or seeing the way your guests' eyes light up when they take in the flawlessly modern decor you've outdone yourself with. Whether you're looking to do a complete renovation project or just wanting to test out select changes here and there, here are some ideas for designs that will truly make a statement!


Sometimes smaller rooms can be harder to be creative with, especially with the perception that there's not a lot of space to play around, However, these spaces, such as a bathroom, den, or storage space often lead to the most surprising transformations with the right amount of thought. Test out monochromatic murals that span the width or length of a wall, which will create a lengthening effect while drawing all the attention to a specific point of your choosing. 


Ever thought about how the simplicity of nature is really the essence of its beauty? It's undeniable that there's something ethereal about being surrounded by the cool tones of the great outdoors, or the fresh scent of minimally processed materials. Try highlighting neutral colours and a simplistic but tasteful room with wooden accents here and there. 


Many of us may immediately turn to bright lights when we think about a modern look, but lighting is actually the best way to create an authentic atmosphere that balances the sharp and clean edges with a sense of comfort. Since you most likely want your home to be an inviting and relaxing space, avoid overpowering white lights, and consider warmer lighting scattered throughout the room for an even and comforting feel.


Our current take on what's modern is really centered around the idea of minimalism and zero clutter. Achieved very often through built-in storage, this strategy makes the most of the space that's available, and leaves your rooms feeling put-together and streamlined. This is especially helpful with medicine cabinets, shelves, and even some kitchen storage!


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Millennials, or anyone born between 1981 and 1996, are now a dominating force in the real estate market, making up the largest cohort of homebuyers at 37%. Perhaps due to the fact that many entered adulthood following the repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis, this generation is looking for qualities that drastically differ from what their parents valued in a home. With a higher regard for minimalism, as well as frequent travel prompting plenty of moving around, some considerations that stand out are that of being health conscious, practical and and experience-based.


With the delay in marriage age and the attractiveness of frequent travel, it's not a surprise that condos are doing much better than mansions or detached properties in the luxury segment. It becomes increasingly impractical to own a huge space when most activities take place outdoors, and more socializing can take place in communal areas, which also offer close proximity to popular attractions and the hustle and bustle of the city. 


Visualization is key, and these homebuyers will fare much better if they can get a clear sense of what each room might be used for, as well as whether these functions may overlap. Virtual or physical staging can enlarge the space, as well as provide inspiration about how an office can easily be transformed into an art room, or yoga studio.


Healthy living is extremely important, so make sure to point out all the amenities offered by the building, or the opportunities that lay in the neighbourhood, such as the seawall, parks, gyms, recreation centres, etc. Very closely tied to this is the sense of community, so it may be smart to bring attention to popular events, celebrations, or shared activities that are specific to the area.


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When deciding on whether you want to go ahead with investing in a property, some key factors to take into consideration include affordability, financing and the expected return on investment. One question to always keep in mind is, "How much can I make on the investment?" There are plenty of costs that might cut into your potential profits, especially ones that aren't obvious right from the start.

The budget you're comfortable with should include the purchase price and all costs of the acquisition, from initial renovations, maintenance and tax rates to vacancy period losses and rental management if that applies.

You can leverage the property at low risk by using financing in a low interest rate environment. This allows you to keep more of your cash and diversify your investment portfolio in the long run.

It's important to identify your own goals and how they might be affected by the fluctuating market. If generating income for a long time frame is your main purpose, purchase price isn't as significant compared to making sure that cash flow is positive and trending upward. On the other hand, if you're looking to maximimize proft, the price you pay upfront makes much more of a difference.

If the neighborhood you're looking in has a high risk of change, this can easily cost you the value of your investment. Conduct your own research or work with real estate professionals to identify a location that has, and will likely continue to remain desirable.

When the cash flow being generated is not needed immediately, reinvesting the income from the property into a market-based investment or additional rental properties can significantly maximize your wealth for long-term gains.

Overall, investment properties are an avenue for diversifying your portfolio, especially if you don't need to rely on it for liquid assets and can afford to own for a long period of time. Just like with any other investment, the importance of doing your due diligence in understanding the commitment and effort that is required cannot be overstated.


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2020 so far might not be the year we envisioned counting down to midnight on the 31st of December, but when we look back at this extraordinary experience in half a year's time, how do you want to feel?

Getting started on whatever your goal is can often be the biggest hurdle to overcome, but staying motivated and disciplined day in and day out despite uncontrollable circumstances is a skill only the strongest of us will learn to master. Think about that DIY home project that you embarked on in the spring, with all the materials now laying somewhere in the shed. Think about that new diet you promised yourself to stick to a few weeks ago, before all the restaurants started offering amazing discounts on delivery and takeout. Think about that personal development course you were so excited about, skimming through the first few minutes of the video, before pausing it for the newest episode of your favourite TV show. It's almost impossible not to get sidetracked by everything else life has to offer, but here are some practices to get you re-started on the path to success.


It's almost impossible not to hold ourselves to a higher standard than the people we care about, but that can often do more harm than good when it comes to building the confidence and momentum to get going. If you want to try something completely out of your comfort zone, don't expect results similar to someone who's been practicing for ages. Instead, expect mistakes, and expect a lot of them, because they're the ultimate sign of growth.


Perhaps you've successfully convinced yourself that you'll start the next month, the next week, or the next day even. How many times have you actually stuck to those deadlines? If there's something you want to accomplish, take a small step as soon as the thought occurs to you, otherwise it'll remain just that, a thought. Momentum builds as you take action, and soon you'll be well on your way to achieving success without a hint of desire to pause for a break.


There's a difference between self care, and mindlessly robbing yourself of valuable time, time that will never come back. Figure out which activities are most effective as a reset button for yourself, make you feel better, and further invigorate you. A tip to follow is that these activities should renew your enthusiasm for getting back to work, rather than induce dread at the idea of it stopping. Schedule start and stop times for breaks, so that a 10 minute pause doesn't snowball into 3 hours of scrolling on your phone.


One takeaway we should all have in response to current events is that time and opportunities are limited. Think about all the projects, activities, and hobbies that you would usually say no to, and reflect upon the reason behind your reluctance. Patterns and habits are great for maintaining routine, but if you're finding your day-to-day a little dull and discouraging, sign up for something spontaneous or agree with no questions asked the next time your friend extends a questionable invitation.

There are so many ways to spearhead change if you're finding yourself butting heads with internal or external resistance. Keep in mind that nothing is permanent, and you have all the power you need to make a difference. Cheers to the second half of 2020!

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What a time it is to be alive, and despite all the uncertainty that surrounds us, we can all be grateful and show reverence for this beautiful country and its splendid diversity. Here are some fun facts about this home of ours:
  1. Canada is the number one donut consumer in the world, at 1 billion annually!

  2. Canada produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup - in 2012, someone stole 3,00 tons on Quebec valued at $18 million dollars

  3. The Trans Canada Highway #1 is the longest highway in the world at 7821 km

  4. One tenth of the world’s forests can be found in Canada

  5. Canada has more polar bears than anywhere in the world

  6. Superman was co-created by Canadian Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel

  7. Basketball was invented by Canadian Dr. James Naismith

  8. Canada is about the size of 81,975 Disney Worlds put together

  9. Santa Claus’ official postal address H0H 0H0 directs to our very own Montreal

  10. Canada has the world’s longest coastline at 125,576 miles extending over three different oceans

  11. The border between Canada and the United States is the longest border between two nations

  12. Important Canadian inventions include kerosene, the electron microscope, the electronic organ, insulin, the IMAX film system, the snowmobile, and the electric cooking range

Happy Canada Day! Stay safe and have fun with your loved ones!



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